1. why should I use a Shearing Machine?

Shearing Machine is popular component for steel structure factory. Normally it co-operate with bending machine.

For example, now you have a sheet 4m length, 1000mm width. Now you want 250mm width each, and 4 piece. If you cut it manually, it is very slow, and the cutting is not nice. Now shearing machine is a good choice. Put the sheet into shearing machine, press the pedal switch, and the sheet is cut into 2 piece. It is quick and nice cutting.

2. Man parameter for Shearing Machine

max thickness of material

0.2-0.8 mm

main motor power

4 kw

main frame

400# joist steel and slot steel welded

material of mold

T10# steel

max pressure

50 T


About 4.7*1*1.1 m


About 1.0 T

shearing machine