why should I use a bending machine?

bending machine is popular component for steel structure factory. It is used to bend steel sheet into different shapes.

The product is widely used as: ridge cap, the edge of roof panel to guide rain, the wall angle where 2 sheets joint together. it is also used to seal the gap between wall and panel.

4m bending machine

 thickness range  0.2-0.6 mm
 main motor power  4 kw
 main frame  400# joist steel and slot steel welded
 material of mold  70# steel, upper blade heat treatment.
 max pressure  50 T
 dimension  About 4.7*1*2.15 m
 weight  About 1.1 T


a. 4m bending machine

4m bending machine

b. 6m bending machine

6m bending machine
3. the finished products

bend profile bend profile

4. the product is used as the edge of roof panel, to guide rain. So the rain will run to the corner, not drop to the front of house. Also the joint part of 2 panels at the corner, bended panel is also need to join them naturally.

5. it is used to seal up the gap between wall and panel, so they look integral, and no leakage.


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