this auto uncoiler is used to support the coil for roll forming machine

1. Automatic uncoiler is an auxiliary equipment for roll forming machine.
it is composed of feed main machine, hydraulic station and control system.
When it works together with roll forming machine and auto stacker, they make up a completely steel panel production line.

2. The working process is loading coil→expanding to fix the coil→uncoiling→feeding the sheet into roll forming machine.
There is a sensor, to keep uncoiler goes at the same speed as roll forming machine.

3.The advantage for automatic uncoiler is, highly automatic, high producing efficiency, and low labor cost.

whole production line

auto uncoiler with loading car
auto uncoiler with loading car

detailed photos

auto uncoiler with loading car
auto uncoiler with loading car
auto uncoiler with loading car
auto uncoiler with loading car

Main Technical Parameters

Suitable Material Cold rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, pre-painted  sheet, and stainless steel sheet.
Suitable Thickness 0.3-1.5mm
Max Width of Material 1250mm
Max Loading Weight 5T
Inner Diameter 508mm
Outer Diameter 1200mm
Diameter of Main Shaft ø90mm
Uncoiling Speed 0-15 m/min, step-less.


Main Shaft material: 40Gr round steel

Processing procedure: first drill a straight hole through, and then quenching and tempering treatment, and at last precise lathing.

Diameter of working face: 160mm

Max loading weight: 5T

Uncoiler Mandrel Rising and Shrinking Adopt connecting rod type, push-pull, rising and  shrinking uncoiler mandrel. 3 arc plates.

Working diameter: Ф460mm—Ф520mm

Effective working length: 1300mm

The mandrel is a whole part, ensuring the concentricity of when rising or shrinking.

Braking Equipment Adopt spot-driving type braking equipment.
Oil Pressure Power Push-pull, rising and shrinking uncoiler mandrel.  Mold of oil cylinder: FA-Ф100×130mm, adopting  rotary joint supplying mold.
Motor 4kw speed- adjustable motor, chain transport (1 set)